Solutions for going forward...

Thinking outside the Box!

Bill Gates approach. He  put out a challenge to University engineering programs to rebuild the toilet and solve a problem of world dysentery and death.   He used the university's to reinvent the toilet, and ended up helping millions and produced fresh drinking water.  We have incredibly bright students who could help us.  Fund a challenge for the best solution from our students and their brain power at our Universities.   We do not have his wealth but we can learn for his approach to a problem.    You can watch the Netflix episode on this on episode 1 on Inside Bill's Brain.   


Perhaps we could rethink how we deal with flood water in our streams. 

We store oil reserves underground in salt domes.  Perhaps we could find other storage solutions so this precious resource so it is not wasted.


Lets Engage our energy companies for solutions.

I know this sounds far out, but we need to  think about  a different way forward that helps us all.  

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“Alone, we can do so little;

together, we can do so much”

  Helen Keller


Concerned Homeowners  & Businesses of Lake Conroe