Texas Covid cases spike. by AL Heilman MD

Covid 19 Facts and Realities

There is a lot of information that is confusing about covid 19 on the web and social media.  It is a virus that humans have never seen. We are learning new things every day. Especially how it may affect children. Covid 19 is far different illness than the flu. It causes a wide array of problems and is much more severe than the typical flu as witnessed by the large number of deaths. The flip side is that most healthy people can tolorate this disease.  The high risk factors of age, underlying medical issues, and immune issues put many at high risk and they should socially isolate and be safe.  A typical mask does not keep you from being infected.  It lessens the chance you will infect others.  Be safe, wash your hand frequently and social distance. Wear a mask if you are in groups to protect others and those at high risk.  Many people are asymptomatic carriers of the disease and can infect many others. I have provided the following information to help us all get thru this. If you click on the graphics they will lead you to the references.

If you would like to be part of the research helping to fight #COVID19 – We only need 201 more people on the app to get a COVID estimate for Montgomery County. Please help by taking 1 min daily to report how you feel . You also get an estimate of COVID in your area. Download the app  at https://covid.joinzoe.com/us

Above is an excellent article from Yale, about the reality of Covid 19 infections from MDs who treat this disease every day. This is far more devastating and lethal than the typical flu. The Cases in Texas are spiking.

Graph from the Texas Tribune

The Cases in Montgomery County are rising, and we are seeing the deaths increase.  This is affecting all ages of adults.  Please practice social distancing and wash your hands. With the number of protests in and around our area we may see a second big jump.  It takes between 7 to 14 days after an exposure to have a test return positive.  Many are asymptomatic carriers and can spread the virus without being sick.

As a country we all mourn the losses of so many lives and understand we can all do better to care for each other with respect and equality. The loss of any life is tragic and something we all need to work to prevent. 

With the opening of businesses, and the many protests in Texas we need to understand that there will be increased risks.  The data is not in on the full effects of the close social gathering with protests.

The current spike is just related to opening of businesses. We need to wait 2 weeks to see what will happen with the increased exposures.

We have a long way to go before we have a cure for this virus.

The Stop Draining Lake Conroe website is temporarily being used to share information about stopping Covid 19.

The data is changing every day.

Please be safe and social distance

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