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Lake Conroe Area Residents and Businesses December 21, 2019

The Lake Conroe Association (LCA) has drafted and is now circulating a petition intended for Governor Greg Abbott asking him to instruct the Board of the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) to cease the “Lake Conroe Seasonal Lake Lowering Program” enacted in 2018. This program is due for review and a vote by the SJRA Board on February 20th,2020. The goal is to collect signatures for presentation to the Governor and the SJRA Board at the time of their January meeting currently scheduled for January 21st, 2020.

This effort comes from feedback from residents and the leaders of many of the Property Owner Associations in the Lake Conroe area. The recent large turnout at the December 12th SJRA Board meeting further supports that people want a voice and an effective process to see the program end. The LCA has taken time to thoroughly study the best format and basis to ensure a valid petition for Governor Abbott.

Many of the petition host sites solicit donations from signers but please do not donate to our GoPetition listing. We are aware that at least two other individuals have already circulated petitions on reduced lake levels and obtained many signatures. The LCA is very appreciative of those efforts and desires to work cooperatively with those existing petitions. As a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, the LCA is bound by certain restrictions that may be violated in joining the existing petitions. Therefore, we have created this separate petition to comply with those restrictions. Even if you have signed the initial petition, you are not restricted from signing the LCA Petition – and we strongly encourage you to do so.

The petition is hosted on GoPetition You can access it now by going to the GoPetition website and using the search tool by searching for “Lake Conroe. Or use this link:

We will be sending information to all Property Owner Associations, the press, and also provide links on the LCA website and the Stop Draining Lake Conroe website – our partner website - so citizens can access and sign the petition. We can make the petition available in hard copy should you or your neighborhood prefer to collect signatures at a meeting or by canvassing. Please contact Kevin Lacy, LCA petition coordinator, at should that be the method of signing your group prefers.

Signatures will only be valid if the signer provides a valid email. Email addresses will not be displayed after signing and will remain confidential. The petition host allows a signer to select anonymous meaning the signer’s name is withheld from public view, but it will still be valid if an email is provided. All information will be kept confidential but retained in case it is requested by the Governor’s office.

We want to thank all those that have written letters and emails as well as attended the December SJRA Board meeting. We believe that signing the petition will be another critical step in getting a fair and objective review and ultimately an end to this program. Please take a few moments to sign the LCA Petition as expressing concerns to the Governor, who appoints the SJRA Board, is an ABSOLUTE MUST!

Mike Bleier -President – Lake Conroe Association

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