How has the Seasonal Lowering of Lake Conroe affected your business or your family?

Updated: Jan 28

Dear Supporters: 

We appreciate your responses to the form questions on the website. They have been overwhelming.

As we move forward to the SJRA vote February 20th, 2020, the website and email blasts will be concentrating on sharing your personal/business experiences. 

There are several other people working hard on the political front as well.

Please send your edited responses (250 words or less) via email to:

and include the following information:

Name ___________________

Contact number_______________ (this # will not be published, used only for editing information only).

email: _________________ 

Where are you or your business located_____________?

Do you wish your name to be included in the email or web posting: yes__no__?  

How has the Seasonal Lowering of Lake Conroe affected your business or your family?  

(Your comments should be limited to approximately 250 words as most people will not read more). Please attach any supporting pictures to the email. Limit (2)

By submitting this information, you are consenting to allow  to publish your responses and use your pictures. We will not sell or release any of this information to any other source.

Please be concise and stick to the facts so these can be used without editing.

If you have skills or time and are interested in helping us with our efforts, please send an email with: “I want to help” in the subject line.

Thank you for time and support,

The Editor,

Stop Draining Lake Conroe website.

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“Alone, we can do so little;

together, we can do so much”

  Helen Keller


Concerned Homeowners  & Businesses of Lake Conroe