Focus by Al Heilman MD

We need to stay in FOCUS.

When you are first born you learn to see by imprinting images on your visual cortex.  If things are not in focus, you will never learn how to see. This is one cause of cortical blindness that is preventable.

Then as we grow, we learn what images to trust and then later how react to them.

The images of the seasonal lowering issue are not simple, nor are they in focus. They are very complex for each community.  One image is that our homes have flooded.   The next image is one of environmental and financial costs. Both communities have had these issues.  But there are many other developing images to this puzzle.    These must all be in clearly in focus if you want long term success without blindness.

Both communities have experienced different injuries.  One was from a record 500-year storm, and the other was by an emotional reaction by the SJRA Board to lessen flooding risk that is not supported by science. I had to rely on science every day, to practice medicine. Please do not ignore that this is the foundation for success.

The lake is so low currently that we have time before any action would be necessary. Allow 6 months with leaders from each community to work this out. The seasonal lowering by itself will not prevent flooding in the Lake Houston communities.  There is more to this puzzle that needs to be in focus.

I was part of a group from Lake Conroe who met with others from the Lake Houston area about 3 weeks ago, and we started this process. We both agreed that scientific studies are the basis for prudent successful decisions.    We did not have time to complete the process because of this impending board vote.

When communities work together for a common solution, success is possible. With the challenges we are seeing to our environment and weather patterns it make this is an absolute necessity. Each community must be able to look thru each other’s eyes at the problem and find a  focused pathway together. Now, and in the future.

A political decision without any scientific support, is not a viable solution for either community.

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“Alone, we can do so little;

together, we can do so much”

  Helen Keller


Concerned Homeowners  & Businesses of Lake Conroe