Photos of the Devastation  caused by the seasonal lowering in Grand Harbor canals

Complete bulkhead failure on the north side of the lake.

  • We are 75 and retired. Our home on Lake Conroe was flooded during Harvey. We are still repairing damages. The lowering of the lake has put pressure on our cracked concrete bulkhead. Though the posted depth of the lake is close to 199' today our bulkhead shows 42" of dry concrete. In the 4 years we have lived here we have not seen that much dry bulkhead. The soil that is being held back is getting lower at that crack. If the wall gives way, we will not have the money to fix it. Raising the lake to 201' would provide the needed balance of pressure. The lifts for our pontoon boat and WaveRunner cannot reach the water which means the motors have not been run. 

  • Lowering the lake in response to a hurricane in the Gulf would make more sense.

  • "There were no Environmental, Economic, or Ecological studies done before the lowering. Wildlife and fish breeding grounds and spawning are directly impacted in an irreversible damage done.
  • "I am a regional manager for Home Depot and the seasonal lowering had no impact when tropical storm Imelda hit the area in August. In fact over 1000 Home Depot customers had flooding from Imelda. Those same home owners had no flooding during Hurricane Harvey. The reason is Business and residential development. That is taking place in a floodplain. The flooding of these areas occurred because of development and not because of Lake Conroe. In fact the lake level did not move at all during Tropical Storm Imelda. I have had damage to my bulkhead and this will cost me at least $8,000 dollars to repair."
  • "Our boat has been damaged due to the lake lowering and our we helped one of our neighbor's last weekend whose boat was damaged after running aground in an area that we could normally ride boats through. Stop the Drop!"
  • "We are very concerned over the loss of property value. We moved to Lake Conroe in 2006 and did a very expensive remodel. This new lake lowering policy has dropped our value below our investment. This is not fair. We retired and can't afford to move again. We are Republicans and look to Our State Government for Help!"
  • "I have had my boat run aground in places it has never done so. I needed to replace my bulkhead after the tropical storm due to unequal pressure on both side because of the low lake.
  • "I am concerned about health affect issues due to lowering the lake level there is less mixing from waste water discharge outfalls into Lake Conroe. My pet dogs have developed rashes and skin irritation issues during low levels. Also, there are periodic odor nuisance from runoff which did not exist before the Seasonal Lowering of Lake Conroe."
  • "Safety of boating is compromised. We do not go eat on the water anymore. Lowering the lake caused my bulkhead to give way. I spent thousands of dollars repairing it last month. As did all of my neighbors."
  • "I am retired and for financial reasons need to sell my lot. The Seasonal draining has made this difficult."
  • "Our lack of boat activity is affecting the restaurants we would normally go to on a weekly or bi-weekly visit. We are concerned about the lake level especially at the restaurant we go to the most via boat in Pelican Cove. On our last visit, we hit the sand bar, but fortunately did not damage our boat. And the lake level is below the dock area parking so any waves or wake pushes the boat under and up into the dock. We aren't buying gas on the lake either. Both of these are examples of the economic effect of the lake lowering."
  • "Lowering the lake level of Lake Conroe has impacted our way of life and our property value. Please discontinue this practice that is harmful to the economy and the ecology of Lake Conroe and has NOT been proven to prevent flooding of Kingwood."
  • "The lowering of the lake has caused major issues to both my dock and bulkhead. We had to replace our bulkhead recently because of all the lowering and resulting sinkholes in our yard. Our appraised value has not officially gone down, but homes are struggling to sell in our neighborhood. I feel bad for Kingwood flooding issues, but it is obvious that Lake Conroe is not the real issue and the lowering has become quite harmful and costly to residents. The most frustrating part is we were told this was only temporary until the fork construction was finished, which it is, and now I feel like we were told lies."
  • "Premature failure of bulkhead due to tie backs failing. I have a bid of $14,700 to replace. Bulkheads were not designed to be retaining walls. Damaged props on boat getting out of bo at slip due to low water level. $350 to repair props."
  • I live in the middle of a street with no wooded access. I am now feeding raccoons and possums and a red fox every night in my backyard. I feel like they must’ve lost some of their places to eat due to the lowering of the water in the lake

  • We are 75 and retired. Our home flooded. We are deep in debt and still have not finished repairs. The concrete bulkhead is cracked. The yard is sinking in that area. We cannot afford to fix this!

  • Just bought my house last year and was told that the lowering was temporary. The number one thing about the house that we were looking for was lake access because I sell boats. Now I cannot get to the lake and I will take a big hit on my house if I go to sell it to be on a different part of the lake. It has also affected my sales because people can’t afford a boat and have to pay storage as well when they have a dock they cannot use. So it has affected my income as well.

  • I pay a lot for my house and taxes because I wanted a expensive house on the lake. Now I can’t enjoy it because I can’t get my boat out because the prop hit the bottom and my lift cables got messed up because lift hit the bottom. my jet ski also sucked debris into engine from bottom on lake. stumps and rocks.

  • The lower lake level is not exerting as much pressure on my bulkhead and therefore my retaining wall above the bulkhead is moving towards the lake. That in turn is causing movement in my pool lines which is causing more pressure on my retaining wall and erosion and paver movement. I have had an engineer here and will need to spend approx. $50k to correct.

  • Puts stress in retention walls! Also dredged under boat lift and dock to get out! Very costly! Also hit a stump and caused damage to prop! Lake is too low in summer for boaters with natural evaporations much less draining!

  • The Bulkhead had to be replaced and cost $30k. I have not been able to lower my boat to the water since August. The last time I did in July the prop was damaged trying to get out. I believe that the officials overreacted to a freak Hurricane event that can’t be predicted and can’t be managed by man. What can be managed is the dredging of the SJ River and maintaining a working system as designed which was not being managed correctly. Two wrongs do not make a right 

  • From the data I have read the seasonal draining of Lake Conroe will not alleviate the flooding of King wood. Natural low lake levels are frequent on the lake due to drought. We have a shortage of water In Texas and the water from Lake Conroe is needed for water supply for the city of Conroe and the Woodlands.

  • We love fishing and moved to this park because of being able to fish from our lot and also being able to launch our boat at the park. Neither of these are possible

  • I have had issues with bulkhead. I am afraid that my values are gong to drop on my property.

  • It is unsafe to use the lake areas outside our yard and in our cove due to the low levels revealing all kinds of large debris such as granite slabs, old chairs, etc. exposed to the surface now.

  • Our way of life is completely altered by the lowering of the lake. Our properties are losing value every day.

  • I made a long-term commitment to retire on Lake Conroe for the fishing and recreational benefit. The lake level is so low I am afraid to get my boat out on it!

The first Video is general information on the Causes of Flooding,

and the second video from Nova is about Flooding from Hurricane Harvey. 


All present reasons that the Kingwood area has such a major problem from its elevation, loss of its wetlands due to development, global climate change, and no place for the water to go to in a major storm.  In a major storm flooding will occur unfortunately.

These facts are supported by what happened to Kingwood in 2019

from tropical storm Imelda. 


There was no release of water from LAKE CONROE DAM.   The Seasonal Lowering of Lake Conroe and the damage the lowering it is inflicting on the Lake area is not supported by any science that the SJRA board has presented.

Bulkhead damage due to seasonal lake lowering

Sandbar in the middle of Pelican Bay

Paradise Point chanel almost closed

Lake Conroe Hills off 1097 Bulkheading damage and canals no longer usable

100 foot of bulkhead damage requiring replacement due to lake lowering and unbalance pressures on the bulkheading.

Stop this craziness!

Paradise Point resident


Submerged sand bars are causing damage to boats and to the Lake vegetation and fish habitat.

I was going to take some pictures of the damage and got stuck 4 times on sandbars and hit 3 stumps.

It is very dangerous on the lake.  Be Careful!

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Concerned Homeowners  & Businesses of Lake Conroe